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          LCC Logo


          We campaign to make cycling in London safer and more enjoyable for everyone.


          Euston Road cycle track made with semi-separated 'wand' protection, to the right, cars and taxis queue in congested traffic, to the left a cargo bike delivery cyclist rides away from camera.


          TfL has announced the Euston Road cycle track is to be removed. We believe this is a step backward for action on cycling, road danger & climate...
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          ABUS U-Lock when you join LCC

          For a limited period, we’ll be sending out an ABUS Gold-Rated Ultimate U-lock and cable to new members. Already a member? Refer a friend and you'll both receive locks!
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          Take on a Challenge Event

          We have places on a range of incredible organised rides - claim a place today and help raise vital funds for the London Cycling Campaign
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          Tackling London's Dangerous Junctions

          We’re pushing the Mayor, TfL and councils to be bolder, fix our junctions faster, and make our roads safer for cycling - find out more about the work we're doing to fix London's dangerous junctions.

          Osbornes Law logo

          Our legal partner Osbornes Law is on hand to offer advice to all LCC members. If you ever need legal advice on a cycling matter, don’t hesitate to contact Osbornes.


          LCC is highly effective because it's supported by more than 10,000 members. If you cycle in London please consider joining today. You'll be supporting our work and receive a host of benefits, including a free ABUS U-Lock.

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